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Wedding at The Vintage Barn at Merefield Midway, KY Wedding Photographer / River + Cody


There was snow covering the fields of The Vintage Barn at Merefield during their engagement session which you can view here but on May 11th, 2019, there were clouds and green grass that stretched for miles! River started her day tucked away in the bridal suit alongside her 9 bridesmaids. Her mother in-law did her makeup, while her bridesmaids helped each other get ready. The sun was in and out of the clouds all day… tricking us into thinking it might rain… but held off just long enough for River & Cody to say, “I do.”

Ok, I LOVE shooting at The Vintage Barn! It’s so beautiful and their decor is so timeless, you can really make it work with any feel you’re going for. River’s romantic wedding was dreamy with pinks, candles and greenery. If you know me, those three things are at the top of my “magical” list. River was such a cool, sweet, laid back bride. She totally trusted me to work my magic throughout the whole process and HOT DANG can we talk about how beautiful of a bride she made?! That veil was made for her… AND YOU HAVE TO SEE THOSE SHOES!

They were both so busy all day, my favorite parts were the simple little moments in between dances that I caught a glimpse of Cody & River just enjoying each other in the midst of the happy chaos. They were swaying with the music, River’s head on Cody’s chest. Calm. Their love is calm. They bring peace to each other, and I think that’s what this love stuff is all about.

I hope you enjoy this preview of their wedding day.

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