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Engagement Session at Maxpatch North Carolina / Jessica + James / Kentucky Wedding Photographers

I have had the pleasure of photographing Jessica + James since 2017. They came to me as a couple, wanting photos at the spot that is special to them, Conley Bottom in their hometown. Unfortunately, just the other day Conley Bottom Marina and Restaurant was destroyed in a fire. Their community is now coming together to help put the place back together that they all love so much. You can purchase Conley Bottom T-shirts from a local artist to help with relief here - TSHIRT LINK!

So now, JESSICA & JAMES are ENGAGED! Since we already photographed them in Wayne County, we decided to take a day trip up to Maxpatch Mountain in North Carolina. It was so pretty the entire day, when we finally started trekking up the mountain, IT STARTED POURING! I mean literally pouring. Jessica & James shared an umbrella but it wasn’t long until James gave it completely up to Jessica. James was SOAKED and Jessica said, “You are the only person I would do this with.” Oh man, be still my heart <3 When we finally reached the top, the rain cleared and we were left with soaking wet clothes and the most beautiful half rainbow. The sun finally came out at the end.

They love each other so fiercely. They’ve made a pact to love each other until the very end. They are full of adventures, pushing each other to be the absolute best versions of themselves. I am so happy we were able to go to Maxpatch for their engagement session, not only are the photos BEAUTIFUL, but I think it’s a good representation of the mountains they will climb for each other.

I hope you enjoy viewing my favorites of their session :)