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Engagement at The Vintage Barn Midway Kentucky / River and Cody / Kentucky Wedding Photographer

Ooooo, I believe we had picked the coldest day of the year for River and Cody’s engagement session. It was a whopping 18 degrees, but I was not even worried because of all of the gorgeous snow on the ground. I have been waiting all winter for a little snow and we finally got it! :) We did their engagement session at the place they will get married in early May. The Vintage Barn at Merefield is an up and coming venue in the gorgeous little historic town of Midway, Kentucky. The barn is absolutely gorgeous and has so many little nooks decorated with the most gorgeous antique furniture. Not to mention the beautiful land it stands on. I also was able to meet the owner while we were there and she is a SWEETHEART… I feel she would do any and everything to make your wedding day a dream.

Cody and River are magnetic! I could feel their attraction towards each other just by being in their presence. Since it was so cold, we hopped in their jeep for about 10 minutes every 10 minutes for a warm-up break. That was such a smart idea, because it saved us from red noses and frostbit fingers. It also helped me learn a little more about the two of them. For example, Cody proposed to River with McCHICKENS! That’s right, River loves McChickens so much that Cody knew he had to propose with them. I love how River giggles after things Cody says too. It’s a little sneak peak into seeing how happy they make each other with their silly personalities. I also learned that they are in the process of buying a house and River just started her wedding planning business! So my brides and future brides, make sure to check out River’s website to see if she’s a fit for you! :)

Cody & River, I absolutely cannot WAIT for your wedding day! You two are amazing, so fun and I can’t wait to see what a beautiful bride you will be, River! :)