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As a wedding photographer, I spend about 4-5 hours on one single blog. It’s a lot of work, and really is time consuming so I want to make sure when I am blogging that I have a purpose. It is a little discouraging to post about 1-2 blogs a week, and those blogs don’t get a lot of feedback or interaction, so my blogging does get put on the back burner to allow more time to focus on the things that do seem to help and entertain you guys. So after meeting with one of my future wedding clients this past week who said, “I LOVE THE LITTLE STORIES YOU DO ON EACH COUPLE”…. I couldn’t figure out what she was talking about at first but then I realized, “SHE MEANS THE BLOG!!!!” and my head was doing cartwheels, “OMG SOMEONE ACTUALLY READS IT!!! YAY!” So, here I am, bringing you the story of Landry & Anna. Their love really does stretch across nations.

So, Anna is from Ohio but has lived in Somerset the past 4 years. Landry currently lives in Montreal. They met in 2011, at Landry’s late pastor’s house as Anna was visiting Quebec for the first time. 2 years after that, they began their journey of a long distance relationship which included daily Skype dates and about 2-3 traveling visits a year. Last Fall, their strong and beautiful long distance relationship bloomed into things like working out together, long boarding, and documentary dates when Anna moved to New York (only 1 hour away!!!) to be closer to Landry. I think it’s safe to say that the long distance thing, really made them who they are together and made an immensely strong foundation for them to begin their lives upon.

Anna is a beautiful person. She has such a huge heart. She kept checking on me and making sure I was okay when it was HER WEDDING DAY…. I should be checking on her, not the other way around!! She gave all of the closest ladies in her life, a corsage to wear on their wrist. Landry is so nice, he took time out of his own wedding day to show me around and made sure I had everything I would possibly need. It was so beautiful to watch them greet their friends and family who came from all over. There were tears, hugs, and so much love.

Every wedding day I do, this will stand true, I am so honored to have been apart of their day and to have been surrounded by such a unique pair along with their sweet, sweet friends and family.

Here is a peek into their day……..