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Red River Gorge Engagement Session / Camping Engagement Session / Tara + Jose

I was so stoked about this day because we've been waiting to plan it since October! Tara + Jose  are this really amazing, down-to-earth couple who enjoy camping, hiking and being surrounded by the beauty of the world. We had debated going to this one campsite they spend a lot of time at or going to the Gorge where they also spend some time, and Jose proposed! We ended up going with the Gorge and I learned that day that that is where they will be getting married! AHHHHHH! I am so excited, I could explode.

I'm really just so happy for these two beautiful souls. They love each other like there's no tomorrow, and that's really the kind of stuff you can't pay to witness.

I am so fortunate that this is my job, and I am able to live life with no doubts that this kind of love exists. I am surrounded by it daily and it really helps me to appreciate the things in life that so many of us take for granted. The people that make us laugh, make us happy... the plants that  allow us to breath.. all of the little things that go unnoticed, is what makes the world go around and we should all appreciate that more.  

I am so humbled by their relationship and the adventures they take together, and I hope this preview of their engagement session relays that. I cannot wait for their August wedding!

It will be sooooo beautiful. 


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