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Lake Tansi Wedding Crossville, TN / Sherry + Donnie / Destination Wedding Photographer

Saturday was the BEST afternoon. The sun was shining and everything was soooo green! I loaded my gear up in the car and headed towards Crossville, TN... excited for the day ahead of me and for the beautiful couple who would say "I do." I always love the drive in that direction, my gps leads me through Monticello towards Pall Mall. It's really curvy and the sun peeks through the trees iridescently. On the way back I was able to stop by Alvin C. York State Park and enjoy it's gorgeousness. Anyways, the wedding was held on Lake Tansi on this small little island and the reception was on the lake's beach. 

I was so excited to be there and check everything out, that I accidentally walked into the WRONG CABIN!!!! It didn't take me long to realize that everyone was in bathing suits, and this was NOT the place I was supposed to be. So, as I am embarrassingly walking backwards, I say, "Erm, I think I am in the wrong place." HAHAHA! I  drove around to the next street and FINALLY, I was in the RIGHT place. Sherry was finishing final touches on her makeup, and her daughter, Kaitlyn (who I absolutely adore) was fixing her little sisters hair (the flower girl.) I helped the boys put on their boutonni√®res, and then we made our way down to the ceremony site on the lake, where their closest family and friends were awaiting. The ceremony started,  and it was hands down, the most memorable day ever! As most of you know, weddings are sometimes stressful when it comes to making sure everything is in the right place. Well, it was SO cute when Sherry realized that they had left their rings in the car!! But it didn't phase them, Sherry died laughing and Donnie thought it was pretty funny too. Her son ran to the car to save the day!! Once they got the rings, they proceeded to continue the ring ceremony when Donnie put Sherry's ring on the wrong finger! Everyone was laughing so hard! It was so fun and unique and I'll never forget it <3 Those are the kinds of things that make these moments so raw and special. It's the kind of things you won't forget when you are 85 and exactly the reason I love doing what I do.

Thank you, Sherry + Donnie, so much for having me apart of your day. Sherry, you were such a GORGEOUS bride and I wish you two nothing but happiness for all of your days.

Enjoy my favorites from their day!