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Kentucky Wedding Photographers - Ben + Allison Lagrange Kentucky Wedding / Wedding Wednesdays

On May 18th, 2019 the friends and family of Allison and Ben Cook gathered together at Lagrange Baptist Church to witness the ceremony of Allison and Ben!

Allison’s bouquet was made up of magnolia leaves and white roses while her dress was detailed with romantic lace. Ben proudly carried the pocket watch that Allison gifted him in his pocket, engraved with words of her love. I was greeted by Allison’s super sweet bridesmaids and Ben’s groomsmen were already hilarious so they made portrait time extremely easy.

It was a super sunny, perfect day for the two of them. I had so much fun watching them on the dance floor with their family and friends. Ben is a hoot, especially when he’s with his friends and Allison is so quiet but has the most beautiful smile that speaks her nature. These two are BABIES, actually they are the first wedding I’ve photographed to which the bride and groom are both younger than I! I am SO thrilled that they found each other this early in life, and can build their lives and experiences TOGETHER. It’s such a beautiful thing to witness and I am so thankful to have been apart of it.

Enjoy this preview of Ben + Allison’s wedding day <3