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The Falls at Ohio State Park Engagement Session / Abby + Cody

A girl from East Tennessee and a boy from Indianapolis fell in love about 2 1/2 years ago. A little over a year ago, Abby moved to Indianapolis to be with Cody and in September, their family and friends will come together to celebrate the joining of their forever in Danville, Kentucky. We researched locations for their engagement session for WEEKS and we decided to meet in the middle, in Louisville, actually Clarksville at The Falls at Ohio State Park. Guys, it is GORGEOUS! Even in the bright mid-day sun, it was beautiful. There are bridges, greenery, washed up driftwood, and a beautiful cityscape of Louisville across the water. 

Abby is gorgeous and has the most beautiful blue (she said they change colors, but yesterday they were blue) eyes and Cody is so funny! I totally have to note that we seen a miniature beagle while walking around the park and my heart is pretty set on loving one of those babies one day. It was so tiny and so cute and so so sweet.. anyways, Abby said she is going to invent a pulley system so that she can get a small dog for their two-story apartment and they can just lower it down to the ground to use the potty. HAHAHAHAHA. 

Yesterday was such a pretty day, and I am sooooo beyond excited for their wedding in September. I hope you guys enjoy my favorites from their engagement session!