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Engagement Session at Max Patch Mountain North Carolina / Dakota + Mackenzie

Dakota and Mackenzie knew exactly where they wanted to go for their engagement session and that my friends, was Max Patch Mountain in North Carolina. To say that they were prepared for whatever would be an understatement. We first met at a campsite along the long gravel road you follow up the mountain. It was perfect with a small waterfall, and a place to build a fire. They set up a tent so that they could change clothes with ease and they love camping so we did some with the tent (which also matched their first outfits.) Mackenzie also brought a mirror for outfit changes (why do I never do that? That is such a good idea!!)  Dakota brought his guitar that Mackenzie gifted him when he came back from basic training. We had him play her a song as they were sitting on a log. He played "I see Fire" by Ed Sheeran which is like the most beautiful song if you've never listened to it.

*Cue all of the hopeless romantic sighs*

We also built a fire, and when I say we, I mean Mikayla (she came along to second shoot) and I found some twigs to use, while Dakota and Mackenzie did all of the real work.... haha. The wood was burning so quickly so we then had to find some thicker stuff. I never knew that you couldn't burn the still-alive-stuff so that was pretty embarrassing when Dakota was like "well, that has a little green on it." HAHAHAHAHAH. I am a nut. Please do not depend on me if we have to survive in the woods, friends. Once the fire was going, we made them slow dance and eskimo kiss <3 

We had a passed a crazy vibrant patch of yellow wildflowers on the way there that Mikayla and I were oohing and ahhing about so I suggested that we go back and visit those. These two are so cool, they were really down for anything. 

NEXT, we went up the mountain!!!! We decided to take the *easier* way up which ended up being harder probably and much longer versus just going straight up. But once we were up there, the light was golden and it was a 360 degree view of the most beautiful sight you could ever imagine. Mountains are my favorite landscape so I was in heaven. On one side of the view, was the golden sun and on the other, was a huge moon. It was surreal and it was amazing to be surrounded by people who loved the view just as much as you did in that very moment. If you have never been to Max patch, you should definitely stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW and go. You have my word, it is so worth the trip. 

Dakota carried Mackenzie down the mountain because it was freeeeeeezing and she was barefoot. They are so incredibly sweet together. He also helped her put on her shoes and take them off while we were on top. 

and as always, I have this overwhelming sense of gratitude that this is my life, and I get to spend it with couples like Mackenzie and Dakota who just love exploring and adventuring and being with each other and celebrating the little moments of life <3 

I cannot wait for their wedding day.. this is such a special couple.