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Engagement Session at Michler’s Florist Lexington Kentucky / Kentucky Wedding Photographers / Amelia + Ethan

We had been dreaming of snow for their engagement session for months. I even scheduled it two days after my birthday because it ALWAYS snows on my birthday, it never fails! Well, we did wake up with a little dusting of snow but it was for the most part, completely melted. We started at the Henry Clay Estate and hoped to be in the garden but also as it turns out, the garden is closed in January so we made due with the rest of the gorgeous property… I’m not complaining :) We then visited the most amazing greenhouse in all of Kentucky, Michler’s Florist in Lexington. If you haven’t been there and your in the market for some unique green things.. you have to visit! It’s an experience. I picked up a Parlor Palm and it’s sitting beside me as we speak. I LOVE IT!

Amelia and Ethan were worried about feeling awko taco in their photos but I promised them it wouldn’t be like that and I knew instantly when we started that their chemistry and connection with one another would make my job easy peezy lemon squeezy! They are adorable together! They went to school with each other since 6th grade but didn’t realize there was something there until college. I cannot wait to photograph their wedding in the summer!

Amelia and Ethan, thanks for making my greenhouse dreams come true. Thanks for having the best sense of style. Thanks for loving each other the way that you do.