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Kentucky Senior Photographer / Lexington, Kentucky Flower Senior Session / Maria M.

This girl right here - is my best friends little sister. She’s BEAUTIFUL and look at those makeup skills! We had the best girls day exploring Lexington for her senior session and ended it with some dinner. I am so happy we got to drive aimlessly around the Cemetery looking for the most perfect spots! I also picked up a cute little plant at Michler’s greenhouse which is still living and sitting beside me. WINNING! :)

I also had a consult before we started and when we left the coffee shop, we returned to the car and SOMEONE HAD HIT MY VEHICLE! IN THE PARKING LOT! AND DIDN’T LEAVE A NOTE! I knew we only had a few more hours left before all the places we wanted to go closed so I just let it go. Deeply regretting that now but hey, what can you do - the photos of the gorgeous Maria was WORTH IT! :)

Maria, thanks for letting me be your senior photographer and hanging out with me all day! Congratulations on graduation!!! :)