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Engagement Session at Holly Bay London Kentucky / Kentucky Wedding Photographers / Amanda + Matthew

Amanda is also a local photographer so you can imagine how nerve wracking it was when Matthew messaged me and wanted to book a session for the two of them! They let me picked the location so of course I was going to pick my favorite Summer spot, Holly Bay. There are some rock cliff things and a gorgeous sandy beach! It’s perfect for those romantic, playful sessions. About half way through our session, I went to switch lenses and Matthew followed me to let me know he would actually be PROPOSING!!!! The pressure was on but I was determined to make this the most perfect moment for them. I pretended to take some solo photos of Matt to have Amanda sneak up on him. Immediately after that, I did the same thing with Amanda except when she spun around, Matthew was down on one knee. A perfect proposal for a photographer.

You can’t deny the chemistry between the two of these love birds. They make each other laugh and Matthew would do anything to make sure Amanda was happy. They were totally up for anything, and didn’t bat an eye when I asked them to GET IN THE WATER IN THEIR CLOTHES. HOW STINKING ROMANTIC!

We were hoping the rain stayed away and as it did, we still had the moody storm clouds luring above the water. It was gorgeous and really gave the session a very passionate feel. I am so happy for the two of them. SHE SAID YES!

Congratulations you two!