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TEST SHOT TUESDAY: Kentucky Fashion Photographer / Shooting with Kendra

You guys are going to be seeing so much of Kendra on our Test Shot Tuesday series as we just finished up an amaaaaazing shoot last week in addition to this one. We also have some more good stuff planned for the next few weeks so stay tuned! For this shoot, it was absolutely freezing and also midday which usually makes myself and other photographers squirm. But sometimes shooting midday is necessary to fit the vibe you’re going for so that’s exactly what we did. I really really wanted to feel that “fashionista, boss lady bada$$” vibe so I loved that we went with the houndstooth blazer as it helped Kendra’s style stand out from the horizon and kind of set the tone. I had no intentions of shooting with an actual plane but when we arrived, it greeted us across the runway and we both were immediately stoked! All of my photographer dreams came true that day. Kendra was amazing, the sky was a challenge but I learned to work through it and now I feel more confident in that mid-day harsh sun!

Hope you love viewing this set as much as I loved photographing it!

side note: I am so thankful for my Uncle Sammy who helped us find our way around the airport and made all of this possible! :) YOU DA BOMB! You guys should check out their punk band, “Defiant State” at Jarfly Brewing on April 27th!!