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TEST SHOT TUESDAY: Kentucky Fashion Photographer / Shooting with Kailan

The best and hardest part about shooting with Kailan is that we almost NEVER plan anything. We both come to the meeting point with minds full of ideas to explore, outfits and props. No discussion, pressure or stress is allowed. We just want to have fun shooting with maybe a vibe in mind, but no restrictions or expectations. I think that’s where I am most inspired - with help from the lighting conditions and Kailan’s wardrobe :)

Kailan is a beautiful person. She’s currently in her journey of being a yoga instructor while inspiring me, personally and the world with positive vibes. I feel like I’ve said it 10 times already but I generally just love shooting with her. It’s so relaxed, we’re always on the same page, and she just makes my heart happy. :)

  • I hope you enjoy the finished product! •