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Cumberland Falls Kentucky / rainy day session >> Isaiah + Madison

I have a fire in my heart right now for photographing couples in love and when Madison told me she wanted to her photos regardless of it rained or shined, I was so ecstatic. My photographer heart was doing cartwheels! What's more romantic than dancing in the rain? Yeah, I will wait ;) 


1. Tell me your story. How did you meet?

-Our first date was wasabi, but it wasn’t technically a date. We just both love it and then decided we wanted to be more then friends.

2. Tell me your favorite thing about Isaiah

-I love his personality, he could make my worst days amazing.

3. Isaiah, tell me your favorite thing about Madison

-He said he also likes my personality bc I’m funny and fun to be around.

4. What do you guys like to do together?

-Eat. Lol by far.

5. Madison, tell me your FAVORITE love quote

-There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved.