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Amy + DJ / Kentucky Wedding Photographer

" love her loudly 

because she deserves more

      than a whisper

my god, she deserves the 

       infinite crescendo 

the never ending climax

      of your love."

     .sam rhiley

We threw this shoot together in literally less than an hour. Amy and Dj drove down to me from Richmond for the most perfect flower field that was right in my own backyard. I literally ADORE working with these two... they are so patient, Amy is hilarious, and DJ compliments her crazy model talent with his. They are open for bookings and you should totally book with them if you need a model couple for any reason :) This was my second time working with the both of them! Last time it was honestly the windiest day of the year in February and it was FREEZING! These two toughed it out with me for about an hour and a half- it was so worth it but we were thankful for that sunshine this time!