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Kentucky Senior Photographer / Studio 606 Senior Experience / Wayne County High School Senior Photographer / Abby D.

I can already tell that this year, my senior season is going to be one for the books! Let’s be real, they always are but this year I’ve added ambassadors and a VIP program to the mix. I’ve always wanted to be involved with my seniors senior year, I just never could figure out how to do so and how to encourage them to allow me to be. SO, our VIP team will enjoy group shoots, parties and just hanging out with each other! I am so excited to see where this year takes us!

We started this year out STRONG with my first senior ambassador from WCHS, Abby D. We explored a familiar area to her heart in her hometown, along with her momma and dog Moses. Abby brought out her guitar and she spun in the field of orange flowers. We even went on a walk to find NOT what we were looking for. It’s ok though because we did find another GORGEOUS spot and Abby was brave enough to climb the waterfall. We still have another location to go and we’re doing it this coming week! I AM SO EXCITED FOR IT GUYS, MY EXPECTATIONS are so HiGH and I can’t wait to show you!

Abby is a GORGEOUS, genuine kind hearted gal who loves dogs, dance and music. She’s so sweet and has the most adorable smile! She laughs at everything and is totally fearless in everything she does. She hiked up that waterfall like it wasn’t a problem! ME on the other hand, I was struggling to stay upright…… HAHAHA! I am so excited to see what this Friday will bring Abby! CAN’T WAIT!