Happy Clients

Very professional and a huge help! Our wedding would have been allot more chaotic without Taylor! I will recommend her to anyone who is needing a photographer. She works well with you and even if you are awkward (like me and my wife) she helps to bring you out of your shell and creates an overall comfortable setting where ever you are taking your photos! We could not be happier with the quality and over all artistry of our pictures! She for sure loves what she does and is an overall wonderful person!

— Dakota (Groom)

I am at a loss for words. This talented, remarkable, stunning, hardworking lady was absolutely everything and more that anyone could ever dream of in a photographer!! Photos were of utmost importance to me and my family so we diligently searched for a photographer and we found an ARTIST / MAGICAL UNICORN!! Her work is flawless and elegant. She is sweet, funny, cute as can be, and professional all at the same time. I 100000000/10 recommend Taylor! I can’t wait to use her for all of my special days to come!! What an honor it was to have her as an important part of my most special day. She exceeded every expectation and I could never repay her.

-Maureen K.(Bride)

Taylor is beyond amazing!! I fell in love with her photos. But also fell in love with how personable and flexiable she is. My fiancé hates photos but she was able to make him feel comfortable and relax. She followed our adventurous spirit out to our favorite hiking spot for our engagement photos. Anything I asked of her she was able to to make work. Day of my wedding things were crazy and I was running far behind but she stayed calm and made everything flow smoothly!!! I would recommend her to anyone! Her personality combined with her creative style is just off the charts!

— Jessica A (Bride).

Taylor went above and beyond my expectations!! She was with me throughout my whole wedding day and captured every little detail! She even helped make sure my cake and cupcakes were set up the way I wanted while I was getting ready. Taylor has done boudoir pictures for me, family pictures, engagement pictures, and now wedding pictures. I can definitely say that she is the only photographer I would trust to do my wedding!!

— Mckenzie B. (Bride)


I'm not even sure where to start. If I could give her 10 stars on value, I would. Taylor is an absolute god send. She talks about how everything happens for a reason, how everything falls into place exactly as it should. I 100% agree with her. I am from Delaware, I had a destination wedding in Tennessee. When I was first looking for a photographer I had found someone from California. She actually ended up screwing me over & breaking contract for a wedding in Hawaii 6 months before my wedding. One of my bridesmaids came across a blog that had Taylor tagged as the photographer and I immediately fell in love with her work. So then comes our big day.. Taylors spirit fills the room as soon as she walks in, her heart radiates through her smile. She stays on her toes and makes sure to get every shot even if she has to run back and forth from your bridal suite and to your groom and his men who are getting ready in your cabin 100 times (she really did) and not even once lost her smile or complained about the heat. I actually ran into a very horrible experience with the make up artist I had hired & Taylor completely saved my day! My make up artist completely screwed me over by promising 100x that my make up would not mess up if I cried. I was very worried about this because I knew it was going to be a very emotional day for me. My fiancé & I were finally getting married after 10 years, many tears were shed. So my make up artist left. An hour before our ceremony started, I read a letter that my fiancé had written to me & of course I cried. I walked back to my bridal suite and saw that my make up was completely ruined; tear lines running down my cheek and black under my eyes. I immediately called my make up artist hoping that she would turn around and come fix my make up, seeing that I hadn't even walked down the aisle yet. The make up artist told me that it would have happened to any other make up artist and she didn't have to deal with this, hung up on me, blocked me on social media and turned off her phone so nobody could get a hold of her. Now this is where Taylor saves my day. Luckily for me, her soon to be mother in law just happened to travel to Tennessee with her and she was a professional make up artist! Taylor called her and she was there within 30 minutes to fix my make up just in time for me to have my first look with my father and 2 year old son. Not only did she fix my make up for me, but she stayed through the entire ceremony to make sure I was okay, she stayed to help with EVERYTHING. I can't even imagine what my day would have been like if Taylor wasn't a part of it, if she wasn't there to step in and make everything better. I can imagine if the first photographer didn't bail on me, then I would have ended up with a messed up make up job and my fiancé would have seen me for the first time with tear smeared foundation and black under eyes. Thank you Taylor, for everything you did for me. Thank you Amy for being the amazing soul that you are and having my back, literally and figuratively. I only spent maybe 10 hours with you two ladies but you made me feel like family and I will never forget either of you. Thank you with my entire heart

-Kristen T. (Bride)


The final photos turned out amazing, as expected, but what impressed me the most was the team's ability to capture the events of the day by creating a fun, relaxing, & stress-free environment. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for an awesome crew to hire for their special day!

— Davis F. (Groom)

Taylor was absolutely wonderful! She was patient, throrough and kind. She was quick and I had my pictures in less than a week. She did a great job capturing moments that I didn’t get a chance to see myself since my day as a bride was super busy. Thank you Linkes Photography for making our day perfect!

— Tayler B.