Kentucky Boudoir Photographer / Client Interview

- How did you feel in the days leading up to your session?

Excited! My shoot gave me an excuse to buy new lingerie and look up ideas for what I wanted from my shoot. I especially loved getting ready for the shoot. I got my lash extensions touched up, did my hair, and spent extra time making sure my makeup was on point! 


-What was the actual session experience like for you? Were you nervous? How did you feel while being photographed?

This was my second boudoir shoot with Taylor so thankfully I wasn’t nervous at all!  I felt incredibly comfortable during the shoot. She picked the best playlist and guided me through each pose to make sure they were perfect. 


-Did having your boudoir photos taken change the way you see yourself? 

Most definitely! You know how confident you feel after you take the BEST selfie ever? My boudoir session made me feel that way but x10! Taylor knows exactly what looks good from behind the camera no matter your body type so you always know the photos are going to come out amazing. 


-Would you recommend other ladies to complete the boudoir experience?

Yes!!! Step out of your comfort zone and treat yourself!