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Couple Session at Jacobson Park Lexington, Kentucky / Ashley + Noel / Kentucky Wedding Photographer

I was supposed to actually meet with Ashley + Noel the night before for pizza and sparklers but I had a family emergency with my grandma that pushed us to make Sunrise work. I am so so so thankful we ended up doing sunrise because we wouldn't have had this magical of a session without it. If it's possible for you to wake up extremely early, I definitely recommend a sunrise session. The lighting is always like NO OTHER time of the day, and the colors in the sky are so pastel-ish and soft. 

Ashley and Noel, I don't even know where to begin. They are two of my most favorite people on the planet. I've been photographing them since 2015 and recently Ashley moved to Lexington, so I knew we had to do their next shoot there! I know I've said on a previous blog, but Ashley is so funny! They both make each session so fun and it makes work seem a lot less like work. Really, they are just two people who get each other and oh, LOVE dogs... together, they have 4.. #couplegoals.

I hope you enjoy this preview of their session. Ashley and Noel, thanks for getting up at the crack of dawn with me.. and thanks for the coffee!!! :)