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Kentucky Senior Photographer / Monticello, KY / Lauren H.

AH, I am so excited to be writing this post because a few years ago, Lauren’s older sister, was one of my seniors! I absolutely adored Bethany so I could not wait to meet sweet Lauren. Lauren and Bethany are both classic beauties so it’s a joy to have them in front of my camera. For Lauren’s session, we went to their family farm where we did Bethany’s two-three years ago. That last time though, I actually busted my oil pan driving down to the creek so when they told me to ride with them, I did not hesitate… haha!

We tried for the longest while to get the cows to come to us for some photos, it wasn’t until the very end that they actually decided to cooperate but I love that we were able to get a few because that’s so special to their family! It’s so gorgeous on their farm. There is a creek right down the road and the back field is gorgeous at sunset because the sun sits right between two mountains. On top of the hill, you can see for miles. I love it out there.