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Family Session at Conley Bottom Monticello, Kentucky Photographer / The Hansen Family

This day was so fun. Erica and Chris come down from Cincinnati to their house next to Conley Bottom almost every weekend to spend time on the lake with their kids, and their close family. When I arrived, I first met Auggie.. she came out of the house carrying her cute little blankie, and told me she was wearing her pretty shoes. She told me all about their doggies, and each of their names. I knew that she was going to be so fun! I learned that Levi, the cute little dude wearing the white shirt, is the middle child and really really loves Fortnite... which I also learned about that day. Apparently, that is a big deal in 2018, and I had no idea. That is how I know I am getting old ;)

We turned a bit of our session into a dance off, because Levi REALLY really enjoyed that. Max loved it when I said "ok, come over here... and let me tell you a secret. NOW, when I count to three, I want you to attack your parents." I could see the little smirks creeping up on Max and Levi's faces, so I instantly said "WITH LOVE." That was so cute! Auggie loved that part too, because she wanted to attack them again just herself and she kept whispering it to me. 

We started their session on this little lawn across from the house. I loved that we were able to incorporate that because it is where they spend their weekends. We then went to their family friend's house to enjoy a gorgeous view of the lake from a deck in the trees. I didn't even know that this area existed in Monticello, and it was SO GORGEOUS! We then went to Conley Bottom to hopefully get some cute ones of everyone on the dock, but even after Erica promised Levi DISNEY WORLD for a smile, he was just too sad! He is SOOOOO cute! If I had known that a quarter to feed the ducks was all it would have took for a smile, I would have tried that a long time ago :) 

Thanks for spending time with me guys. I hope these photos remind you of your summers in Kentucky for the rest of your lives!