Southern Railway Station Knoxville, Tennessee >> Lauren + Brad >> New Years Eve Wedding

I don't even know where to begin on how amazing this night was. Lauren + Brad are both such amazing people. So, I'm going to show you some photo's (our personal favorites from Lauren + Brad's day), and tell you the story as it unfolds :) Because that is how we are going to do this bloggin' thing in 2017 and I thought this was a fitting post for the introduction because, well, it's a NEW YEARS EVE 2016 and that is where our story begins :) 


 Southern Railway Station - "the station served more than 30 daily passenger trains. Among these were numerous locals that serve the man lines radiating out of Knoxville into ever rural area of East Tennessee. It was largely these local trains that helped Knoxville to become and maintain the position of a commercial center for the entire region in the days before the automobile. The station saw two world wars and following the great upsurge and strain of traffic from World War II, the unavoidable decline due to the rise of the automobile, the improvement of highways, and the coming of accessible airline transportion." I found this amazing information on the venues website - click here! 

We began our day with Lauren in hair + makeup. We photographed all of her little details during this time too :) 

This is that epic moment, when everything is coming to surface.. when it is REALLY happening, when you have finally found the other half of your heart, and you are getting ready to go see him. This is everything you have worked for so hard, for the past year. Lauren, I think everyone was choking back tears for you in this moment. You were SUCH a beautiful bride. 

And this is when your bridesmaids put you back together... because this is what they are here for. (They are also really amazing and not ruining your makeup) haha! 

This is when we trick your groom into thinking that we are just taking some solo photos of him ;) But really, what he doesn't know is that you are standing behind him back by the window... 

This is when he realizes that you are back there and he sees you... and he can't believe that you are his. 

And then you see him, and everything is the way the universe meant it to be and all you want to do is kiss him. 

But then it was time to get married, so you walked down the aisle together, ready to begin your lives as Mr. + Mrs. 

****side note, while they were waiting to walk down the aisle, I almost took Lauren out with a coat rack twice. Thankfully she didn't kill me right then, because if I was Lauren I definitely would have. I'm still so sorry about that Lauren! haha! Quite possibly the most clumsiest moment of my life. Except for one time, when I was photographing a ceremony, and I fell down in the center of the aisle and it made a big thump. Thankfully, everyone that seen later on, told me it looked like I gracefully sat down.... HAHAHAHAHA, way to go Taylor!**** 

Anyways, back to the point! 

This is when you are reading your vows to each other, and you feel every word you are saying with such gratitude for the person you are standing across from.. he grabs your hand, and kisses you. 

The officiant announces you to the world as Mr. & Mrs. AND YOUR GROOM KISSES YOU and those tiny seconds feel like a thousand years. 

When your daughter says she likes your husband more than she likes you :) 

***Side note: Brad use to call Lauren "Pocahontas" when they first got together.*** 

***Side note, PHOTOGRAPHER OBSERVATION*** Lauren + Brad kept looking at each other ALL DAY LONG like this. It was so romantic. Not to be corny, but it was almost humbling to be in the presence of two people so in love like this. I'm seriously so happy they found each other.****

When we have to get a photo of you two being the hot model couple that you are.. haha!

When you sneak up behind him and scare him with love..


When you have your first dance...

When they ask, "Who loves who more?" and he raises your shoe, and everyone bursts out with laughter, but then you turn around and he raises his really fast. HAHA! 

When you and your daughter share a first dance.. 

and your HUSBAND jumps in..


DROP YOUR BALLS! when all of your bridal party stands on chairs, and has to get three balls in a glass! 

When your In-laws share the most romantic moment on the dance floor <3 

When he kisses you at midnight...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

and when you end the night by your guests all around you, singing "Don't Stop Believin' and you escape out the back door to your lives together <3