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Kentucky Wedding Photographer Engagement Session at E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park / Lindsay + Drew

I’m so stinking happy to have met Lindsay and Drew. Lindsay is ADORABLE with the cutest grin I’ve ever seen and Drew loves Taylor Swift just as much as I…. they are a win-win couple :) They also have an insanely good taste in style. For their engagement session, we had hoped for a sunny day with a gorgeous sunset… Lindsay said that the first time we spoke in the winter! So, we picked a flexible date, waited for the sun and decided to go for it! I drove down to Louisville and as I arrived, the sun immediately hid behind the clouds and turned into a deep overcast. I pulled into the Sawyer Hayes parking lot, disappointed in the weather but ready to rock whatever came our way! We walked the trail a little, until I realized I LEFT MY SD CARD HOLDER IN THE CAR! we went back to get it and all was well. I appreciate them being patient with me :) Although it was overcast, the trees of Tom Sawyer State Park were a deep luscious green. We soon arrived at the spot where Drew proposed!!! (see below the abandoned stone tunnel/bridge). With help from Lindsay’s sister was how he picked the spot! The next location we went to was a HUGE FLOWER FIELD!!!!! The storm clouds had REALLY rolled in at that point, so I knew we had about 5 minutes before it was raining. The rain came, and we ended their session, dancing, running and kissing in the pouring rain! Lindsay was jumping up and down so stinking adorably ( I know, I’ve said that 100 times now but she’s so cute). They were so fun and up for anything. Lindsay and Drew will be getting married next May at the Yew Dell Botanical Gardens. STOKED IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT.

I already love Lindsay’s family because she told me about how her Dad won’t let her lift a finger when it comes to the tedious things of planning! He wants to take care of it all for her. How stinking sweet! Doug, you are the man!

I cannot wait to photograph these two a little later this year again and then again next May on THEIR WEDDING DAY!