In-home family session >> Somerset, Kentucky >> Kentucky Photographer

So, today I got to spend the day with the cutest little family :) 

As some of you know, before Pierce came along and joined this husband & wife team, Chandler was my second shooter.  In September 2015, this little baby named Harper was born and I was there to photograph her in the hospital! I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW BIG SHE HAS GOTTEN!!!!! You can imagine my excitement when Chandler told me she was going to give her a sink bath :) 

Anyways, we ate popsicles, talked lots about disney princess' (Ariel and Elsa specifically) and had pillow fights. They jumped on the bed, attacked their daddy and had plenty of tickle time. I really loved this session because it's everyday life. No fancy outfits or spotless rooms... just messy, dirty faces, ordinary, perfect life <3 Isn't that what we want to remember one day when we are 80?? How it really was? 

Check out the end results of our fun day! 

p.s. this was really fun, and I hope I get to do it again SOON!!!!!!