Something That Makes My Heart Happy

Hey guys- it's Taylor here!

I love love love love love adventurous couples. Seriously, they make my heart so happy and inspire me on 1000 new levels. Sometimes as a photographer, you get into the motions of doing the same things every. single. session.. you don't branch out, you don't grow in any way, you're stuck. Some creative artists are inspired by that, having control of every element. I, however, like change. I live for adventure. 

I'm inspired by fear (as crazy as that sounds; I'm deathly afraid snakes, and I'm talking deathly, I won't even go fishing with Pierce because I'm terrified that one might pop up) but there is this adrenaline rush that I get when I'm bravely walking through the woods with you or sliding down cliffs on my bottom because we took the wrong part of the trail, that inspires me greater than anything in the world. Once I've conquered the world without a snake bite (LAUGH OUT LOUD) - I am beyond ready and excited and motivated to make amazing art.

Side note; being adventurous allows us to use those way overused locations (I'm talking the places that EVERYONE and their mom and grandma and aunt and uncle and great uncle- go to, to take pictures) because we can explore the unpopular areas. For example, this session was done at the Mill Springs Mill in Monticello, Kentucky. We climbed waterfalls, chased the sun AND took a dip in the lake. Enjoy a few from their session below ;) 

       t + z, thank you for being adventurous with us. enjoy these sneak peeks :) :) :)