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Wedding at Family Barn / Angie + Josh / Kentucky Wedding Photographer

Oh, this was definitely the best way to spend a late Friday afternoon. Josh and Angies day was so personal and intimate, I am so honored to have been apart of it. Angie got ready with her best friend/maid of honor whom flew from California THAT day just to be there for her, she helped her into her dress and fixed her dress down the aisle. She also put the boutonni√®res on all of the fella's. She was such a support to Angie, their friendship is so beautiful!   Meanwhile, Josh hung out with his best man, playing video games and drinking beer. The best stuff.  Their friends and family gathered to the barn in their backyard to see them promise to be each other's forever. They celebrated with donuts and Mill Springs pizza shortly after. 

I remember talking about their love story a bit more on their engagement session post which you can read here.  I am so so happy for Angie & Josh. They are such a beautiful couple who are more than perfect for each other.. and I hope they enjoy this preview of their wedding day!