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Wedding at Old Glory Schoolhouse Kentucky Wedding Photographer / Dakota + Mackenzie

Ah you guys, I am so excited to be finally writing this blog post because it’s about the two sweetest souls in the entire world with the sweetest love story I have ever known. Dakota and Mackenzie. I don’t even know where to start, I have so many favorite things about them. I don't know if you guys remember my blog post from earlier this year of their engagement session, but we traveled to Maxpatch in NC for their engagement session. It was freezing on top of the mountain, so Dakota carried barefoot Mackenzie so her feet weren’t touching the cold ground, ALL THE WAY DOWN THE MOUNTAIN. When she was wearing heels on the wedding day, it had been raining all morning so the ground was WET. Her heels were sinking, so Dakota picked her up, dress and all, and carried her up the ditch line that I requested we do some photos at.

I have never seen such a caring and concerned groom as Dakota on their wedding day. His top concern was to make sure Mackenzie’s day was PERFECT. He played guitar and sang a song for her during the reception and he carried her out through the sparklers at the end of the night. Mackenzie was breathtakingly gorgeous and THAT DRESS! It was so beautiful. I am so so so deeply happy that they have found each other, I wish I had the words to explain how their kind of love inspires me.

It was raining all day until it was time for them to walk down the aisle and then it cleared right up! As we were exiting the ceremony, the sun peeked out SUPER BRIGHT just at the right time! I was so happy that it decided to clear up… and don’t even get me started on those florals! The greenery and red roses, was so elegant and sophisticated…. it was truly a fairytale day.

I hope you enjoy previewing their wedding day, as much as I loved being apart of it.