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Maternity Session at The Natural Arch / Abbey + Josh

So I decided to open up maternity sessions this year, which was a big step because I've always turned them away unless it was someone I knew (family) or one of my brides-turned-momma's.  I am so happy I took the leap and added maternity to my list of services because truly, it's one of the most beautiful puzzle pieces of life. Anyways, I am so excited to finally be able to artistically celebrate baby bumps the way they should be! ;) 

Abbey + Josh have that kind of love that makes you want to bawl your eyes out because it's so beautiful. The way he looks at her, and pushes the hair out of her face, and draws her in to keep her close... the whole evening was just beautiful and I can't even find a better word to describe it. It was just perfect. The weather was so so good, the sun was setting so beautifully over the treetops. Abbey is a STUNNING momma-to-be. The white dress was such a good choice, and the flower crown was made by Creations by Angie. 

I did have hiccup on the way there, my car decided to overheat (how embarrassing) so I pulled over to this little gas station in Tateville. A special thanks to the men who risked their hands (you know how you are supposed to wait for the radiator to cool down before you open the cap) to check my water. It ended up being fine, and my temperature gauge was just stuck... that was a relief. HAHAHA. Ok, but enough of my misfortunes, take a peek at my favorites from this session of these beautiful beautiful beautiful people.