Monticello, Kentucky >> Kentucky Senior Photographer >> Maegan B. >> Class of 2017

Okay, let's be real here- Maegan is like this little doll made up of nothing but beautifulness and sweetness. She is PERFECT. I know I say this about all of my seniors, but they blow me away each and every time. I followed Maegan and her family to their family farm, where horses ran wild and the sunset was tucked neatly between the hills and hills of trees. 

We attempted to take photo's with the horses but they were just not having it. It seems they like grass more than people ;) We started in the yard of the house her parents built before their family grew and they needed more space, like how special is that!! We ended in a dried up river bed and it was PERFECT! Orange leaves covered the rocks and you can see for yourself below ;) 

So, push play up there and enjoy my favorites of Maegan's senior session!  


Taylor LinkesComment