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Senior Session at The University of Kentucky Arboretum / Rachel D. / Kentucky Senior Photographer

I love love love working with Rachel and her momma. They are so sweet and so understanding of WEATHER. We scheduled Rachel's session about two weeks ago, we both checked the weather all day, we drive to Lexington to meet at the arboretum and BAM, as soon as we get there, a major storm rolls in! So we decided to go home and reschedule. Well, we picked a day, followed the same pattern, we get to the arboretum and it is looking CLOUDY. Thankfully we got two outfits finished before the down pour came! We're going to finish her session today actually with her cap and gown! 

Another story, so Rachel brought her cap and gown to this session and it had a white medal hanging on the hanger. We get deep into the arboretum and Rachel says, "ummm my white medal is missing! We must have left it in the restroom." So Stephanie, Rachel's momma back-traces all of our steps. She even goes to the car and looks. After not finding it anywhere, Rachel suggests that maybe she left it at home. We kind of gave up on looking for it then, because it was pouring and we were headed towards the car. For some reason we paused about halfway and was talking about the arboretums lost and found. AS SOON AS WE SAY THAT, I SEE THE MEDAL HANGING ON A RANDOM POST!!!! Right there, in the middle of nothing. Someone must have found it on the ground and picked up! Thank goodness!!!! 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this *DREAMY* preview of Rachel's senior session right before the rain came!

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