Senior Session at Greenhouse + Family Farm / Class of 2019 Grayson R.

I don't even need to say this but Grayson is a literal angel that fell from heaven (you will see, trust me) She is such a beautiful gal, and her heart matches her physical beauty 100%! I first met Grayson when she modeled for Everything Beautiful Boutique back in 2016! It's so crazy to think that was actually 2 years ago. She was such a baby then, and now she is starting her senior year of high school! 

Grayson plans to be a vet tech and I think that is like the dream job. She shares my love for animals and has two dogs and two horses. OH and while we are on the subject of horses, we were taking some photos on the farm, trying to trick the horses into modeling pretty... when I decide that I need to get a different lens from my bag. I am walking to get it when I hear, "TAYLOR WATCH OUT!" so I turn around, and Dusty the horse is RUNNING, and I don't mean a soft run, I mean a FULL FLEDGE DARTING RUN towards me, and the first thought I have is "ok, this is where I die" but instead of screaming and running as fast as I could, I just froze. Dusty stopped almost immediately when he got to me and decided to just give me a little nudge with his nose instead of trample me to the ground. I could not stop laughing. I am so happy that I have this story to tell from now on. 

I hope you enjoy my favorites from Grayson's Summer senior session! 

Greenhouse: Oak Hill Garden Center