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Russell County High School Senior / Grace L.

This session was sooooooo much fun! One of my favorite things to do (as corny as this sounds) is ride in a truck. I almost NEVER get to ride in a truck, much less get to go off roading like we did during Grace's senior session. We literally drove down a creek..... WHY IS THAT SO FUN? It's like a roller coaster kind of, I don't know.. I love it :) 

Anyways, Grace's momma, Teresa called me a few weeks ago to set up Grace's senior session. I was immediately so excited to hear that they wanted to do part of them at the softball field (because Grace's whole life has been softball) and the remaining portion at a creek and cabin that her grandfather built off the maps, so he could get away from the hustle and bustle of the world. This little house was soooo unique, I was so excited that they were going to take me there (in a truck.... hahahaha)

The sun was setting so fast, but we were able to make it down the creek a bit to the mouth of this cave. The cave was covered with mossy areas and pretty rocks, I even brought home one of those rocks that break and are pretty on the inside, a geode. I can't wait to bust it open but I guess I am waiting for the right moment. 

Grace is sooooooo beautiful and so photogenic. She also looks just like her momma. I mean, they are almost identical. Grace has that type of beauty that belongs all over high fashion magazines. She's GORGEOUS and I had sooo so so so much fun climbing barb wired fences and laughing with them all evening. 

p.s. Isn't it crazy that the only tv show Grace has ever finished is One Tree Hill???? I couldn't believe it! haha! One Tree Hill is a good show though :) 

I hope you enjoy my favorites from Grace's session!