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Maybe you've lost a few pounds, got a new tattoo, or you just want to be a model for a day. Whatever the case may be, you deserve to celebrate! You don't need an excuse to book a boudoir shoot, just do it because you can! It's an experience. Booking a boudoir shoot is guaranteed to make you feel powerful, beautiful, and confident and it is definitely something you should do at least once in your life! It's okay to love yourself, and do not let anyone tell you differently. 


-Why you should do a boudoir session with Linkes Photography-

I have about 3 years experience with boudoir. I know exactly how to pose you to show off your best features and put you in the most flattering light. I am really silly and awkward and I have terrible jokes, and it will make you feel so much more comfortable, I promise. I cannot wait to meet you! 



We are currently booking for this weekend February 3rd, 2018. These sessions will take place at the Courtyard by Marriott in Somerset, Kentucky. All photos will be delivered before valentines day <3 If you would like more information, please fill out the form at the end of this post! 


Why should you book a boudoir session?


When you leave your boudoir shoot, you will seriously feel like you are on top of the world and can conquer anything. You will see yourself in a whole new light. That is exactly what I try to achieve during your boudoir session because let's be honest, you should always feel like that! You are beautiful. You are you. You are gorgeous. Nobody is you, and that is your power. 


Boudoir sessions make a great gift for your partner, but also for yourself. You don't need to give this to anyone, gift it to yourself. You work hard, you're out there momming or being a boss babe. You deserve to be celebrated!!! 


So you are really interested in doing a boudoir session but you are to nervous to come alone? Definitely make it a girls day out! Go get breakfast with you gal pals, get your nails done, your hair and makeup done, and then pick some times with me that you guys can go back to back! Your gal pals can sit in on your session to be your cheerleader or if you are more comfortable, you guys can come at separate times :) 


A lot of times when I am talking to prospective boudoir clients, I hear excuses like "I will after I lose this baby weight" .... etc. But truthfully, you are beautiful right now. Don't wait around for a different time because time isn't going to wait on you. If you have ever considered a boudoir session and then you end up not doing it, one day you will be 100 and DREAMING of these photos of yourself. So love yourself exactly how you are now, and when you lose that weight, come back and do it again! Celebrate yourself ALWAYS! 


Okay so this is the perfect excuse to pretend you are model for a day. I will pose you down to your fingertips so no need to worry about "not knowing what to do" or "feeling awkward". Just sit back, listen to me, and enjoy the experience of being a model! :) 




- will my photos be posted online anywhere? - 

your photos are 100% confidential to you and whoever you show them to! You will have the option to sign a model release to encourage other beautiful ladies like you to do a boudoir session but that is the only case to which they would be posted online! 

-how old do I need to be to do a boudoir session?- 

you must be 18 years of age!

-What if I am awkward at posing or I don't know what to do?-

I will pose you down to your fingertips! You will never have a moment of uncertainty! 

-What should I wear?-

You can wear absolutely anything you feel comfortable and beautiful in! That can be your favorite lingerie, a bra + panty set, your favorite t-shirt, your pj's, literally anything as long as you feel BEAUTIFUL! You are more than welcome to send me photos of your outfit ideas while planning and I can give you some suggestions! 

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