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Kentucky Wedding Photographers - Ways to add a pop of fun to your Wedding day / Wedding Wednesdays

We said when we started this business that we wanted our jobs to be F U N and over the past few years, we’ve seen a few fun things that we are DYING to see more of. Hopefully this will inspire your wedding planning and help you come up with something that feels like the two of you.

  • Mix and match COLORS AND TEXTURES - if you’re all about aesthetics, mix matching the textures and colors of your wedding day details and wardrobe is one way to amp up the style. On top of looking AMAZING, it will photograph that much better!

- Absolutely LOVED Jacqueline’s Fiesta Day of the Dead themed wedding. I loved that her bridesmaids were all in different pops of color to match their decor. I also love that they are carrying lanterns instead of bouquets. The color of your bridesmaids dresses don’t have to MATCH, but you should always coordinate.


-Maureen’s ladies shopped for their dresses individually on poshmark with only a designer and color palette in mind. The different textures but similar styles from the same designer bring all of these dresses together as if they were made for one another. DREAMY!


-Kaitlyn’s ladies were blended with dreamy whimsical dresses. The pastels and soft florals were perfect for Kaitlyn and Jakes secret garden ceremony.


-Sarah handmade these fur shawls to keep her bridesmaids warm during their Christmas weekend wedding day. I LOVE the pop of texture and sophistication the fur shawls bring.


• POP SOME CONFETTI GUYS! YOU JUST GOT MARRIED! There are so many reasons you should have confetti. 1. YOU JUST GOT MARRIED. 2. YOU JUST GOT MARRIED! 3. Your guests will love you because they love playing with it and throwing it at you. 4. UMMM BEST PHOTOS EVER. You could even use the bird seed, flower peddles, bridal bush branches… just find something that feels like it was meant for you! :)

Please also check with your venue to see what they allow.


Find something that feels like you! There are so many opportunities on a wedding day to incorporate ways to celebrate yourselves and where you’ve came from.

At the end of the day, your day is about you and how you want to remember it. If traditional is your style, go for it! But the days of “having to” follow traditions are long over and you can finally celebrate the ways you choose!

-If you spend most of your date nights eating ice cream together, OF COURSE YOU SHOULD SERVE IT AT YOUR RECEPTION! Kaitlyn and Jake celebrated loving each other AND ice cream by having Graeters cater.


-Amber and Tanner LOVE the beach and all things tropical, so what better way to celebrate their love for that than with TROPICAL BIRDS?!


-If you LOVE your pets and it’s important to you, you should try to find ways to incorporate them. We DIED when we saw Maureen’s dog Chandler dressed up in his tuxedo, ready to walk down the aisle. He also gave out treat bags to his friends who couldn’t make it to “the pawty”. LOVE IT!

-Tara and Jose decided to host their ceremony indoors after it was calling for rain all week. Their guests gathered around the cabin they were staying in, the officiant (a long time friend of Tara) asked the guests to be totally unplugged and present. They didn’t wear shoes, it’s not their style. They did it their way and I have no doubt that it was everything they hoped. I LOVE TARA AND JOSE so much, they are truly the best people.


We would love to hear all of the ways You’re having fun on your wedding day. Let us know in the comments! :)