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When I first spoke to Haleigh and she told me she was having a winter wedding in the Lebanon state park, I knew her wedding was going to be a dream. Just imagine the miles and miles of trees with a *light dusting* as Haleigh says, of snow. January seriously cannot come faster because I am ready to see these two MARRIED. Can we just talk about how awesome of a couple they are? They are both sooooooooo sweet to each other and did NOT complain once when I asked them to kiss 2304832409823409234029 times. LITERALLY. Maybe not literally, but it was A LOT.

We began their session date enjoying Starbucks to talk to about their wedding day details. We then ventured over to Centennial Park and began their engagement session. If you have never been there, you need to go like now, because it is such a beautiful place. We finished up at the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge at sunset (I wish I could bottle up that light and bring it home) as I asked Haleigh + Erick to slow dance under the fluffy pink clouds....... talk about dreamy.

So, really, what I am trying to say was that this was the best day ever. Happy engagement you two! We can't wait for your big day!!!! 


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