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Kentucky Wedding Photographers - WKU Wedding at The Barn at Redgate Somerset KY Wedding / Lindsey + Colton / Wedding Wednesdays

I HAVE SO MANY FAVORITES FROM THIS DAY and so many favorite moments.

I love love love that Lindsey and Colton did a first look and decided to read their vows to each other privately before their ceremony. I was crying SO HARD from a distance as it was the sweetest moment. Witnessing the two of them, completely unguarded and full of love for each other and the anticipation of what the day would hold on their faces. Lindsey was so beautiful! Her delicate lace detailed dress, and the soft babies breath that graced her veil delicately. She was straight out of a fairytale. There was this butterfly, that sat right on Lindsey’s bouquet during their first look. It kept fluttering around them and followed us the entire time we took photos! THEN, as Lindsey walked down the aisle, the butterfly landed RIGHT on Colton’s head and then on their hands as they exchanged rings. It is said in some cultures, that if a brown butterfly lands on you, it means you are about to have good luck! What a perfect symbol for Lindsey & Colton’s fairytale wedding day.

I also love that they shared their first dance with the father/daughter and mother/son dance. They took a tradition and made it their own based on what was important to them. We also need to talk about their FAVORS! CUTE LITTLE CANDLES! I have never seen such a cute idea! I was so excited to take one home, I thought about it all day but then totally forgot to grab one!

Another favorite part of the day, Lindsey and Colton snuck into the room in the midst of their reception just to have some alone time. I walked in on Colton fixing Lindsey’s shoe and she said, “Can you document this time?” Of course!! This is what it is all about. The two of you. So they jumped on the bed, and then sat and just talked; together, privately and just took it all in. I think everyone needs to do that. It’s good to remind yourselves in the midst of the chaos of what is most important.

I went to school with Lindsey and she was one of the very few people who were genuinely the sweetest, kindest, and most sincere. I looked up to her so much so you can imagine the joy in my heart that I feel knowing she has found someone who she deserves. She is worthy of so much. Colton and Lindsey, I wish you the most amazing life together. Enjoy this preview of their wedding day.