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Oh man, when I first heard Aaron and Gabby's story back in the beginning of 2016, I knew they were an amazing couple. BUT, I never could of imagine just how special they were. So young and in love, and with a greater purpose in mind. Together they will serve, and that is such a beautiful thing. 

Aaron + Gabby's Wedding was nothing short of perfect. People from all over the world came, and if I overheard correctly there were around (300) people there? Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but how amazing is that! 300 people stopped what they were doing in the world and came together to celebrate the love and new marriage of these two very special people. I know I say I cry at every wedding... but this wedding I CRIED. Hahahaha! Like overwhelmingly, because Gabby was sooooo stunning, and her family was crying, and I was hearing them, and it was just this amazing pool of tears as she walked down the aisle. 

I cannot WAIT to see the amazing things these two do together. 

push play up there, kick back.. and enjoy as there day unfolds (photographer's favorites)

p.s. I picked that song because the whole day I felt like we were living this song. ;) 

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