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I'm going to be changing things up a bit on here today and we are going to talk about YOUR senior session. Now, this information is strictly for my senior sessions and the information provided may change based on your senior photographer ;) 

I want to talk a little bit about the whole experience, and that is what I hope to provide to you, an experience. I want to be more then just a lady with a camera, that shows up one day, takes your pictures, sends them to you, and then we never speak again.


I want to be your friend, and maybe someone you feel you can always talk to about anything. I'll be spending a lot of time trying to get to know you before your session day, so I can make sure important things are shown throughout your session and your senior photographs. I'll send you a questionnaire, that asks questions about you (what you like to do, what you're involved in) some questions even go a little deeper than that. We'll set up a meeting date (food or coffee ;) and we will mingle all about you and ideas for your session. On the day of your session, we will giggle and laugh about silly things and my awkardness will make it feel like we have been friends FOREVER. haha! Once your session is finished, I will send you some sneak peeks, deliver your images within in a week and then add you to our super secret senior Facebook group! 


Within my different senior collections, the number of locations you choose is entirely up to you! I really really really get excited when we go somewhere that is special to you or your childhood. You're going to look back at your images when you're 103 and know that is where you grew up or where you hung out with your friends. Sometimes, it is impossible to truly think of somewhere that's unique to you.... and that is 100% okay. We will then brainstorm ideas and locations that may match your personality. FOR EXAMPLE, If you HATE being in the city, we would never do your session downtown. That would be like anti-you and that is not the goal we are trying to reach! **SIDE NOTE** - The most common thing I hear is, "I want my session to be unique. I don't want it to be like everyone else's." Let me tell you my friends, that is why we stay away from commonly used places like public parks or all of the overused downtown alleys. (just an example, I'm sure there are a lot more)


Outfits are probably my favorite part of planning your senior session because they can make or break it 100%. They are also amazing for making your senior sessions unlike anyone else's because everyone has their own unique style. Dresses and skirts are hands down the way to my heart. There are so different tasteful things we can do with dresses. It's like my creative spidey senses come out when someone picks a dress for one of their outfits. Don't get me wrong, dresses aren't for everyone and that's okay. Jeans and other pant options work too if that's your style! I'll have you send me outfit pictures or you can even bring your whole closet to your session and we can pick things that work best for you and the locations we have chosen! 

•Accessories: (I just noticed how funny this word looks, haha) Accessories are an awesome way to bring out your personal style as well. We don't want to go crazy and overpower you with them, but one or two pieces of jewelry or if it's fall or winter, a hat or cardigan works amazing! 

• Hair + Makeup: If you do not choose hair and makeup in your collection, then you will find these tips helpful. You want to keep your hair and makeup natural with a touch of glam (and I only say that because your makeup should be a tad darker than usual to show in your photos). For a senior session, I wouldn't wear false eyelashes.... the goal is to show the BEST you possible. 


This is the most magical part of your whole session. I like to pose you in ways that accentuate your best features. I may ask you to walk towards me a million times and you aren't going to understand why in the moment but when you see your photographs, you're going to be like "OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE THAT" because it's you.  So if I tell you to do something that feels silly, just know that it may or may not work out, and THAT IS OKAY but I need you to trust me. I will do the silly things with you if it will make you feel better, haha! 


When I was a senior in high school, I didn't get my senior photographs done. To this day, it is like the biggest regret of mine. Mainly because I've never looked as good in my life as I did my senior year, haha! But other than that, it is just something you should do. I know when I am 80, I will regret not having it done EVEN more. Even if you do not book with me, please please please have senior pictures done by a PROFESSIONAL that can pamper and give you the experience you deserve in your last year of high school. Find a photographer you LOVE, you need to love their style, AND personality, invest in them, and enjoy your senior portrait experience. 



now enjoy Sarah's senior session that was took in her gorgeous home and backyard. Sarah is an angel (seriously) I told her she needs to model professionally because truthfully, she does.