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Elopement at Pickett State Park Kentucky Wedding Photographer / Melissa + Cameron

Melissa and Cameron surprised their friends with an elopement. Their ceremony was held with their families back in North Carolina.. I wasn’t there to witness but it sounded so sweet, and intimate. Melissa used to spend her summers at Pickett State Park and last year, around the same time, they visited together, while it was snowy and cold and the lake was covered in ice… Cameron proposed!

They really wanted their photos to be focused on the scenery and beauty of PSP. I tried to do that while incorporating their fresh newlywed love. I am so honored that they chose me for this, it was a gorgeous day, definitely not freezing and I got to see new things and learn more about the two of them. They also brought their dog Sally who Cameron rescued about 4-5 years ago. You already know how I feel about dogs, guys. Please bring your fur babies so I can love on them and tell them how cute they are. Sally was looking so majestic in the cave areas, I loved it!

Melissa + Cameron, I hope you two have an amazing life together. It was so nice to meet you and I hope you cherish these photographs forever.