Engagement Session at Central Park Louisville Kentucky / Catherine + Cody

I met Catherine and Cody for the first time for their engagement session and let me tell you, they are my kind of people! They are so fun and I have no doubt in my mind that they were MADE for each other. I really love hearing my couples stories... how they got together, how they met... etc. So I was super intrigued to hear that Catherine and Cody had been in each other's lives for awhile before they actually even met. They went to the same university, they knew the same people, they worked across the street from each other for a bit... and Catherine even bought her computer from the store that Cody worked at. Louisville is a BIG place... so, I don't think it's a coincidence at all ;) 

We had originally picked an entire different location for their engagement session, but after they made a date out of going to explore the location, they decided that it wasn't really them! They then decided to meet at St. James court which was close to the street that Catherine grew up on and then head over to the Waterfront where Cody proposed after dinner at the Galt House! They are getting married next September in Louisville and I am STOKED TO SAY, they have chosen me as their wedding photographer! I. CANNOT. WAIT. 

without further a due, I give you, my favorites from Catherine + Cody's engagement session! 

side note - *You guys, parallel parking is HARD. Especially if you don't use it in every day life... but I successfully parallel parked not once, BUT TWICE! It only took a few drives around the block and almost hitting a car to talk myself into trying it.... hahahaha.*