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Lexington Kentucky Couples Session / Jewell + Chris

Jewell + Chris have been together for 5 years (as of March 17th). They were high school sweethearts and when Jewell graduated high school, Chris gifted her with their pup, Molly.. who I have heard, is spoiled rotten ;) Now Jewell lives in Richmond while she is attending EKU and Chris lives in their hometown, Monticello. They try to see each other every weekend <3 

I was so pumped when Jewell asked me to do her and Chris' 5 year anniversary session. I always love love love seeing how couples interact with each other after being in love that long.. it's something I hope to have one day. It was amazing to see how Jewell really helps Chris come out of his shell. I would tell him to do something so stupid, and all he had to do was look at Jewell to start cracking up. That's why I love this job, because yes, you will have photographs to look at forever and ever, but you'll also have the memories and experiences we make while creating these photographs. 

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I hoped you love these photographs as much as I did <3 


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