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Wedding at The Hitchin' Post Junction City, Kentucky / Cierra + Ryan / Kentucky Wedding Photographer

We stressed all week about the rain and I told Cierra to not stress because I always have good luck with the rain on wedding days. Low and behold, IT DIDN'T EVEN RAIN! Even though the forecast was still calling for it... we did get lucky however, in the fact that as we were finishing up their portraits, a rainbow popped out :) 

Ryan and Cierra are two very awesome people who have a love for pitbulls and lifting weights. I do believe that they compliment each other perfectly. The boys got ready in the saloon while the girls got ready in the bridal suite on top of the barn. The Hitchin' Post is a beautiful venue for rustic loving couples and has absolutely everything to fit your needs. The property was sooooo beautiful, as it was covered with fields, a pond and gorgeous landscaping. My photographer heart was beating so hard when I seen all of the beautiful land and the partly-cloudy skies. 

Once the girls were dressed, we made our way downstairs for Cierra to have a first look with her step-father Bill. He was such a sweet man and I could tell he was so proud of her. It wasn't too long after that, that he walked her down the aisle to meet her groom. 

*side note* - I totally popped my knee out of place as I was scrunched down in the aisle awaiting Cierra to walk down it. I don't know if it was the adrenaline pumping or my super cool bone popping skills but I popped that baby back in to place ASAP. HAHAHAHA. I was extremely terrified that I was going to be stuck there and ruin their wedding day though. 

They said their "I do's" and walked down the aisle with the biggest smiles on their face. They did it! They were married!!!!! 

It was such a beautiful day, the weather could not have been better. I am so thankful that I got to meet Cierra, Ryan and all of their closest family and friends. 

I hope you enjoy my personal favorites from their wedding day.