Sweetwater, TN Wedding >> Keri + Connar >> Wedding Photographer

I'm really excited to be sharing this blog post with you! Keri + Connar have been amazing since I first met them!! They are so nice, and such sweet humans! They've known each other since kindergarten and fell in love in high school. I met them for their engagement session at Cumberland Falls back in 2016 :) (wow, that was so long ago....... haha!) 

Along with Keri's momma, who made us feel right at home our whole time there! Also, if you guys have never been to Sweetwater, TN you need to go because I did not meet one rude or mean  person. Everyone was SO. NICE!!!! We locked our keys in the car as soon as we got there, and Pierce could not get the door unlocked, thankfully, Keri's momma saved the day when she called for help! (Remember that blog post a few weeks ago, that said something about me/us being clumsy... yes, here is another example. Well, not clumsy... but silly... HAHA!) 

ANYWAYS, it was 9 degrees and I could not be ANY more thankful for Keri, Connar and their bridal party for braving the frigid tempatures for their bridal portraits in the snow. They were troopers!!! 

Thank you to Vanessa for being so nice, and helping us with anything and everything the day of! 

Connar + Keri, you two will do amazing things! We wish you ALL of the happiness and love in the world <3 I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of your wedding day <3 

Florist: Betty Longworth (Country Side Garden)

Church: Cedar Valley Baptist Church






This is the moment when you realize this is about to happen.. and you are watching everyone come in... all of your friends and family, coming together to see you and your groom come together as one. <3 

**Side note, we are going to skip through the ceremony a bit to save time on the blog but IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!** 


And they ran away to the beach and lived happily ever after <3