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TEST SHOT TUESDAY: Kentucky Fashion Photographer / Shooting with Lakinzie

Hello and welcome to Studio 606’s new blog series called “Test Shot Tuesdays” :) Test Shot Tuesdays is a new series we are going to use to blog our fresh creative work! These are shoots that we have conducted on our off time to come out of the creative block it’s easy to come into contact with when we are constantly shooting the same things over and over. Don’t get us wrong, we love doing what we do, but it’s good for our growth and development to step outside of our comfort zones, experience with new types of light and new situations. It’s important to us that we are constantly trying new things and putting fun, creative stuff out there for you guys to see! :) So each Tuesday, you can look forward to something FRESH!

I love love love Lakinzie! I’ve known her through acquaintances for about two years and I feel like we’ve always talked about shooting together but it wasn’t until this year when we FINALLY did! Our first shoot vibe we were going for a 90’s arcade vibe, but little did I know that the Mall arcade actually sucks……. well, I don’t suppose it sucks but for photo purposes, it was not great! We even went to the movie theatre, but it also just didn’t fit our aesthetic. We made our way up to Burnside (which is somewhere new for me to shoot) and began shooting down the strip. I looked for cool textures to pop with her style. I think we made it a pretty successful day. It helped me out of this creative block I’ve been in after the long winter months.

Our second shoot was JUST AS IF NOT more magical and I think it was because it was so close to Lakinzie’s heart. WE SHOT IN HER DREAMY ROOM, you guys. I could smell the essential oils as I walked in and all the things hanging were so whimsical and inspiring. It spoke to my soul! The challenge here was the lighting in her bedroom. Although it was mid-day, there was only 1 window and pretty dim in there! I was thankful she was patient with me as I experimented with the different light and shadows.

She told me about how her amazing sister-in-law re-does her room every year for Christmas. They find pieces together that fit who Kinzie is, in that stage of her life. We were talking about how good Kinzie’s room smells when she told me about her momma’s little shop in the heart of Monticello. She sells crystal’s, soaps and dreamcatchers. Kinzie took me over there and I DIED at all of the beautiful pieces. If you like this stuff, you have to go! It’s called “The Wildflower Trails” and you can find them on facebook! They have a lot of neat stuff, so you have to see for yourself!

Kinzie, thanks for putting up with me and my spur of the momentness! You are amazing, congratulations on graduation and I can’t wait to work with you again ASAP! :)