Monticello, Kentucky >> Kentucky Senior Photographer >> Caitlyn C. >> Class of 2017

Okay let's just say I am obsessed with Caitlyn. She is seriously beautiful.... and that HAIR!!!! Like oh my goodness, I was blown away. We started her session off at a creek down a road I use to know and then we began traveling that road to find more awesome spots. Caitlyn was amazing, and was willing to try anything for the perfect photograph. I learned that she wanted to be a vet and loves kittens. Well, as you know, I love kittens too so she was pretty much perfect! ;) 

Caitlyn chose our wanderer collection which I LOVE because it really gives us the opportunity to just play around and try things that may or may not work. We weren't pressed for time or light. It was all in all the perfect day. 

So now, push that play button up there and enjoy looking at her photographs <3