An hour with Dakota >> Kentucky Photographer >> Styled Pool Session

So, if any of you know me as an artist you will know that I love love love fashion photography and styled shoots. It inspires me to create, create and create. I love being creative without the pressure of time or really rules in general. I just like to be laid back and let the inspiration flow.

SO, I now bring to you something that I look forward to doing EVERY two weeks. These sessions will be called "An Hour With (your name here)". These sessions are for free-lance models, aspiring models who want to build their portfolio or maybe just someone looking for a fun hour :) 

Sometimes, as a camera artist, we get into these things called creative ruts. Sort of like when you are a writer and you have writer's block!  These sessions will hopefully prevent any creative rut that comes my way anytime soon while allowing me to live out my passion, working with models. 

If you are interested in one of these sessions, I have lots and lots of ideas flowing ;) Just fill out the form after all of Dakota's photos <3 

Can't wait to meet you ;) 

xoxo, t

and now for.... "an hour with Dakota" 

Dakota is such an amazing soul. She's beautiful but strong. She has the most amazing thick dark hair I have ever seen and her eyes are like staring into neverland and never being able to return. With her session, I had the vision of something sexy but fun and kind of bada$$. 

I think we reached our goals. 

Enjoy! ;) 

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When is your birthday?
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