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I have thought over and over what I could put in this blog post to make it interesting and fun to read. BUT, when it really comes down to it, it doesn't really matter what is fun to read to me. I really just want to tell you about my friend Mark. On Saturday, I got to spend the day with Mark. Mark was in my wedding as an usher and he has always just kind of been there. (OK, that sounds really mean, haha) but really, he has always been a friend of a friend to me. But when you really get to know Mark, you find out that he is so much more than just a friend of a friend. I'm an observer and I observe people... their goals and aspirations. His style is cooler than Taylor Swift's 1989 album (that takes ALOT for me to say that) and I hope that will reflect in these photographs. He is SO caring for his friends and for his family... he will put anyone else's life before his own. He cannot drink coffee without drinking water with it. He doesn't feel like he is attractive enough to be a model..... but like, when you look like Chuck Bass (gossip girl reference) do you really need any confirmation? If you follow me on Instagram, you are probably going to get REALLY tired of me saying that! HAHA! My point is, Mark is a really special person and is very talented. So let him know that in the comments of this post ;) 


NOW that I have gotten that off my chest- to the REAL reason we started this blog post! FUN THINGS TO DO IN SOMERSET, KENTUCKY (to be continued because we ran out of time) 


BAXTER'S COFFEE - in no way are we affiliated with this business. we just really like their coffee :) 

There are two locations (soon to be three- I think) in Somerset, Kentucky where you can pick up this delicious tasting stuff! I personally like their salted caramel iced coffee in the summer and then in the fall, a candy apple blitz ;) 

next up, is GARLAND BEND and this is located on the outskirts of burnside so I guess not technically Somerset but hey, close enough! this view is absolutely breathtaking! 

if you are down on the Science Hill end of Pulaski County, you definetliy have to check out the Dairy Mart. Their Ice Cream is to DIE FOR! ** again, in no way are we affiliated with this business.** 

If you are lucky enough to be in Somerset on the 3rd Saturday of the month during the Summer, SOMERNITES CRUISE is a MUST! Historic cars are lined up downtown somerset for you to enjoy :) you can also pick up a Funnel cake! 

and when you are done with that, you can visit Steak 'n Shake to fill your tummy! :) Delicious and affordable!