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Wedding at Boone Tavern Berea, KY Wedding Photographer / Sarah + Charlie

Wow, what an honor it was to celebrate Saturday with Sarah and Charlie on their wedding day. It started out cloudy but almost time for the ceremony, the sun came out and was there to stay the rest of the day. Sarah, her sister, her brother and her sweet work-wife Anna were in the gorgeous parlor of Boone Tavern getting ready for the day. Mary, Sarah’s sister, did her gorgeous make-up and hair while Anna was running around, making sure everything was going to be perfect for Sarah and Charlie. Chris, Sarah’s brother, was helping the ladies tie their dresses to perfection. I remember a few times when Mary was fixing Sarah’s hair, and Sarah was putting on Chris’s boutonnière.. I loved that sibling moment. It was so sweet to see them together, all getting ready to ensure their big sister’s wedding day was magical. I wish I was as close to my siblings as these three were.

Sarah HANDmade fur shaws for her bridesmaids to wear outside so they didn’t freeze. When Sarah told me that she made them, I couldn’t believe it because they were so beautiful! Fur is the PERFECT accessory for any winter wedding day. It’s the perfect pop of texture, feeling of coziness and hint of romance.

Meanwhile, the groomsmen were getting ready upstairs in room 304. I went up to get them for portraits and they had the best idea of Charlie picking them all up for a photo. That was funny, especially when Charlie’s brother, Daniel, almost fell but didn’t because they are that cool… haha!

When we arrived to the church, I was amazed by the beauty of the little church house that was built centuries ago. Mary had done an amazing job designing the ceremony decor. It was so elegant and fitting for the hint of Christmas that was to come in 3 days. It was beautiful and all I could hear from the guests were the ooh’s and ahhh’s at how stunning they found it as well.

I did choke back a few tears as Sarah was walking down the aisle and I saw Charlie tearing up. They are both so incredibly sweet, funny as crap and just made for each other. They said their vows, the preacher prayed over them, they tied a knot to unify their joining and kissed for the first time as, “Mr. & Mrs.”

The guests headed over to Boone Tavern for their reception and welcomed Charlie and Sarah with a confetti (snow, my favorite kind) toss when they arrived. That was so fun, there was fake snow EVERYWHERE but it really set the mood for their Christmas themed reception! Dinner was served, they shared special dances with their loved ones, they heard speeches from Mary, Chris, Doug, and Daniel… and Sarah danced the night away with her closest friends and family. My favorite moment from the reception was when Sarah + Charlie snuck outside for just a few moments for themselves. I saw them through the glass admiring the Christmas lights across the street and just taking a moment to breath. It was beautiful. I am so happy that I was chosen to be apart of their wedding day.

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Without further a-due, please enjoy this preview of Sarah + Charlie’s wedding day!!!