National Best Friend Day | Pulaski County Park


It was a chilly morning but a beautiful sunrise, and fog off the lake. The lake was warm, and these gals were happy! We played with sparklers and smoke bombs (which will always be cool- let's be honest) and cheered to the summer with cute and in (spanish???)  sprite bottles! 

so if you're a teen, or if you're grown... say thanks to your BFF, because they're the reason you are who you are! 

- a big thanks to my BFF's, I'm not sure if you're reading this -

 Ali, even though you are 182 miles away from me, thank you for never giving up on me, even when you should have 1,000,000 times. Thank you for always keeping touch and helping me stalk Taylor Swift's whereabouts. Thank you for being my friend at all the times it mattered <3 Thank you for our burnside party house (without you, I would know no such thing.) Thank you for being my bridesmaid when you really should have been my maid of honor!!!!! 

Hailee, (I hope I spelled your name right, because I still really get confused) thank you for being my listening ear. Thank you for suffering through all my texts when I've been drinking. Thank you for loving me unconditionally when sometimes you really shouldn't. Thank you for being my model couple almost every time i've needed it. Thank you for always being there, no matter what! Thank you for being so stinking cute and funny ALL. THE. TIME.

To my husband, thank you for loving me unconditionally!!!!!!!!! I never would have imagined that I would know a love so rooted. You have stood by me during my lowest points, and that is a true BFF <3 Thank you for being my number one fan- I LOVE YOU! 

Thank you to Kallie, Kaitlyn and Haley for waking up at the crack of dawn (5:00 AM- to be exact) to come do this with me!! Also- Mikayla Willis (@williswho) was there shooting too, so check out her page!! 

okay, if you guys have read all of that, now enjoy some of my favorite photos from this morning's shoot <3